Client Orientated Thinking


Our client-oriented approach to business means that we understand what matters to you.


Success in business is rarely achieved in isolation. Servaco’ approach is to create an intelligent support network that helps clients reach their goals.

Servaco’ senior team bring multi-faceted client-side experience to the delivery of our Facilities Management solutions and look to form transparent, mutually beneficial, partner relationships. This is supported by a desire to understand and support our client’s vision and values ensuring they are considered during day-to-day facilities decisions.

Providing the vital management information that supports the facilities function we recognise the internal factors and forces that can influence Facilities Management provision.

The overall customer service aim is to deliver services with the passion of an in-house FM team that reacts to day-to-day challenges while taking into account the long term strategic direction of the business.


Continuous Improvement


Through the application of an ISO9001:2008 focus Servaco embraces a philosophy of learning in all areas of our organisation. It is a management-driven initiative that is an integral part of our organisational processes, training and success criteria.

Ideas and opportunities for improvement are sought from all levels within our business and through feedback and suggestions from our clients.  We actively seek and consider feedback – the good, bad and the ugly – to ensures that we are constantly striving to deliver quality Facilities Management solutions to our clients.