Performance Management


To support our commitment to transparency, we also measure everything we do.

As part of our approach to Facilities Management provision, Servaco constructs a unique performance management model for each client. Based on the specific characteristics of the contract, the model defines the agreed service levels and the key performance indicators (KPIs) that will become the primary criteria by which we will monitor the standard of work carried out.

Servaco utilises a range of data capture techniques to feed its performance management system allowing benchmarking, identification of trends as well as the early detection of potential problems. This drives Servacos’ ultimate goal of providing consistently high service levels for its clients.

Servaco records every key data element that goes into delivering a service from call handling data on the Servaco Helpdesk, maintenance priority compliance and cleaning standard levels. On a multi-service contract each data set contributes to the contract’s overall performance score.


Many of Servacos’ clients benefit from our e-audit System. Developed as part of our continuous innovation program, the system allows the objective scoring of maintenance standards. The data is captured and reviewed at a local and regional level. Where performance is considered under baseline expectations, staff are sent back to site to rectify the identified issue to standard. Our regional management teams also assess scores to assess overall service performance and identify improvement initiatives that could be implemented.


Servaco provides a Facilities Service Report to all its clients, detailing our service delivery performance on a monthly basis. This report details KPI data through a visual dashboard and is supported by all the key information required and relevant to the successful delivery of the contract. Servaco’ approach to performance management supports the overall quality objective of ensuring Servaco delivers a consistently high level of service throughout our extensive and diverse business activities.