Cost Transparency

We know how important costs are to your company.

That’s why we offer full transparency on Facilities Management costs for all our clients. That means that if you choose to work with us, you can be assured of the effectiveness and value of your FM expenditure.

Providing a breakdown of cost for each service line whether it’s a single site or a national portfolio provides visibility across the FM function. The breakdown of the individual elements that go into delivering a service from cleaning materials, maintenance equipment or security resource, ensures Servaco can work with its clients to identify potential areas for cost reduction.

The provision of one single consolidated invoice broken down per site and service, gives complete visibility on a portfolio’s operational costs, helping to ensure best value. These benefits are often further enhanced through the consolidation of multiple services to one single provider.

Alongside our full cost transparency, Servaco integrates financial reporting and performance management into our package as standard – so you get the service levels you need with no surprises.