Our Values

Everything we do at Servaco is underpinned by them.

Over the past few years Servaco has worked with its employees and management to identify and develop the key values that define how we work. By doing this and incorporating these elements into our recruitment, induction and training we can ensure our clients that no matter which office or what level you interact with us at, our staff give you the same level of professionalism and courtesy.


Outlined below are our core values that will give you an indication of what’s important to us and the basis of how we will support your business.




Proud to be Safe and Green

The Power of a Positive Touch - Servaco is dedicated to ensuring that everything our Company does creates a positive outcome.  From our quality systems that ensure great outcomes to satisfy our clients, to our health, safety and environmental management systems that ensure our work is conducted in a zero harm environment. We are focused on creating great outcomes in the most lean, green and safe manner possible.




Freedom Through Passionate Service Delivery

We give our customers the freedom to concentrate on what they do best - Servaco acts as the oil to make our customers run smoothly. When you choose Servaco, you get a committed and passionate team that works tirelessly to deliver consistently high service levels in those backend service areas that are critical but not your company’s area of expertise. By placing facility management in the hands of specialists like Servaco this provides our clients with the freedom and time to concentrate on their business rather than day-to-day facilities distractions.




To Act With Integrity, Transparency And Respect

With our clients, our people, suppliers and wider community - Servaco looks to the long term in all of our business interactions, and fundamental to ensuring longevity in our partnerships with clients, staff, suppliers and the wider community is by acting in the same way that we ourselves wish to be treated.


Consequently the key elements that we feel are important are: integrity (being honest and having strong moral principles), transparent (being open and clear in our communications and dealing) and respect (courteous and professional business dealings).




Performance is Key

So we measure everything we do - Servaco applies a continuous improvement model to our service delivery to ensure we remain a valuable partner for our clients. To do this we measure all aspects of our service delivery, to ensure we can benchmark, track trends, identify opportunities for improvement and share information between functions, so all clients benefit from Servaco’ collective knowledge and experience.


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Encouragement And Development Of Our People

Ensuring our people fulfil their aspirations is a key driver in the growth of Servaco - Servaco holds the firm belief that fundamental to our continuing success are the people who deliver our services and who represent Servaco to our clients. The result of this belief is a strong commitment from Servaco to its people regarding matters of safety, personal and professional development, and work / life balance.


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Flexibility Is A Virtue

Servaco maintains a flexible infrastructure and encourages creativity to ensure it can adapt and tailor its delivery to each client - Effective Facilities Management requires a flexible approach to account for the constantly changing environment in which it operates. What is right today, may not be right for tomorrow. Servacos’ flexible operational structure, knowledge and service delivery experience ensures it can creatively adapt to suit the individual needs of each client.




Ambition At The Heart Of What We Do

Servaco is continuously striving to improve service delivery through innovation and grow a sound and respected business - At Servaco we want to be the best, not the biggest. We are focused on achieving this goal through continuous innovation to deliver smarter, more effective facilities solutions. Servacos’ long-term vision is to develop a sound and respected business known for our forward thinking service delivery models, flexible infrastructure and great people.