How We Do It

At Servaco we offer our client base a forward thinking, flexible and transparent approach to facilities management.

We provide our clients with the ability to access the economies of our large scale facility management operations under a partnership based service level agreement (SLA).


Each SLA is tailored to meeting individual needs at a pre agreed scale and time response level. SLA’s are also reviewed on a regular basis to ensure our ability to adapt service delivery as our clients’ needs evolve.


Servaco is recognised by the industry for the way in which it partners with clients, believes success in business is rarely achieved in isolation and that a two-way open relationship is the key to the successful delivery of Facilities Management services.


At an operational level Servaco’s client’s benefit from our industry experienced trade professionals who maintain currency with the latest in facility management processes, solutions and regulatory requirements.


At a management level our clients benefit from the expertise of our contract management staff and facilities management systems that ensure they remain in the know and ultimately in control of facility management decisions and activities.